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Novartis continuously looks to connect with people like you who want to apply their skills, knowledge and curiosity in a flexible, diverse and inclusive employee culture. Where you are unbossed to drive your own personal growth, share new ideas and where you are surrounded by colleagues who are equally determined to transform lives.

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Why join the Novartis Talent Community of External Workers

Support the Novartis purpose to reimagine medicine for patients.

  • Novartis focuses on unleashing the power of their people
  • Novartis values diversity, a unique culture and supports an inclusive, unbossed environment

Be the first to know about new temporary projects for external workers at Novartis.

  • Our KellyOCG Team is proactive about communicating opportunities that are a fit for you
  • You're on the top of the list when you are interested

News at your finger tips.

  • Receive regular updates about temporary projects at Novartis
  • Our KellyOCG Team will share with you revelevant marketplace information to support growth and learning in your professional field.
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Why support Novartis Projects

  • You want to support a team that believes in innovation, quality, courage and integrity
  • Your expertise could help impact patient outcomes
  • You will experience a collaborative culture
  • Novartis temporary projects may support your professional growth
  • Flexible work or service arrangements whenever possible
  • Competitive rates
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Why join the Novartis Talent Community of External Workers

Why it’s great to be an external worker at Novartis

  • Learn about Novartis values
  • Learn about Novartis noble purpose
  • Learn about ongoing temporary projects at Novartis

Be the first to know about new temporary projects

  • Take part in one intake call so we understand your skills and professional goals
  • Whenever there are new projects that meet your skills, our KellyOCG Team will contact you immediately
  • You only give us approval to submit your profile and we manage the rest
  • Because our process is fast, you will always be on top of the candidate list

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